At Daly's Expert Hardware we know how much you love your pets. That’s why we provide clients with a comprehensive range of pet products. If you want to pamper your pooch or fawn over your featured friend we provide a range of products designed to treat your favourite animal.
From essentials like pet foods and bedding to squeaky toys and novelty collars, we stock everything a pet owner could need.

In store, we stock such products as:

  • Collars

  • Pet Food

  • Dog Toys

  • Cat Toys

  • Novelty Bowls

  • Scratching Posts

  • Bird Food

  • Bird feeders

  • Door Flaps

For more information on our range of pet foods and pet products get in contact with Daly's Expert Hardware today.

First Pet

We’ve become experts at advising clients on everything they need when they’re getting their first pet. Whether you’re getting a dog, a cat, a bird or even a turtle, we provide all the essentials you’ll need to allow your pet to live a happy, comfortable life. Our friendly staff is available to help advise you on everything you’ll need to prepare your home for the arrival of an animal.
Our years of experience in this area means we can provide you with all the products and the advice you’ll need to help your animal settle in and let the bonding experience being.